Ndidi Nwaneri, Ph.D.
U.S.A. +1 202 596 6989
Nigeria +234 814 184 3709

Ndidi Nwaneri is a public policy and social development expert with over 25 years’ cumulative experience in both fields. She is a policy consultant in Nigeria, and sits on the executive board of the International Development Ethics Association (IDEA) – a global association of development scholars and practitioners focused on promoting ethical discussion of global economic development. Ndidi holds a B.Sc. in Economics (1998 – Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria), an M.A. in Public Policy (2009 – The George Washington University, D.C., U.S.A.) and a doctorate degree (with distinction) in Social and Political Philosophy (2017 – Loyola University, Chicago, U.S.A.). Her research interests include global equity, environmental justice, global existential and catastrophic threats and the role of technology in economic development.

Ndidi has professional experience in various policy and social development sectors like education, anti-corruption, democracy and human rights, gender, human trafficking and modern slavery, disability and social inclusion, entrepreneurship and public private partnerships. She has been at the forefront of public policy and social development studies and programmes in the United States, Germany and Nigeria where she was former policy adviser to the Minister of Education. She has presented papers at global conferences and workshops, and has also taught university courses in Public and Social Policy, Ethics and the Person, International Development, Business and Military Ethics, as well as Technology and Development in the African context.