Academic Experience

Consultant & Public Speaker in Nigeria.
Member, Executive Board

International Development Ethics Association (IDEA)

July 2014 – Present

IDEA is an interdisciplinary association made up of academics and development practitioners. Initiated in Costa
Rica in 1984, some of its goals include ethical reflection on the idea of international development in order to
promote strategies to effect ethically sound development policies, institutions, and practices. As an executive
board member of IDEA, I am involved in developing strategic guidance for organisational management. I am
also responsible for events, programmes and publications.


Ethics and Public Policy Laboratory (EthicsLab) of The Catholic University of Central Africa (UCAC) Yaounde,

March 2019 to Present

I am currently one of the inaugural research fellows at the Ethics Lab. But as co-founder, I am also responsible
for regional and global collaborations, financial management and quality assurance.

Research Assistant

Department of Public Health, Washington, D.C., USA

June 2008 – December 2008

The government of Washington D.C. commissioned The Department of Public Health of The George
Washington University to conduct a study of the nature and extent of pesticide use in homes in the D.C. metro
area. As research assistant, I designed and administered survey instruments and coded and interpreted survey
data results. The results were presented at a workshop attended by relevant arms of governments of the D.C.
metro area.

Statistical Officer

Institute for Development Research (IDR) Zaria, Nigeria

January 2000 – February 2002

In 1998, the Centre for Nigerian Cultural Studies (CNCS) and the Centre for Social and Economic Research
(CSER) were merged to form The Institute for Development Research (IDR). I served as statistical officer for
the team that conducted the 2000 World Bank/USAID Survey on Corruption in Nigeria. In addition, I headed the
Political Advocacy Team for Women in Agriculture (Nigeria). I also developed and implemented public
enlightenment programs (seminars and workshops) on privatization of public corporations on behalf of the
Bureau for Public Enterprises (BPE).



The Phenomenology of Racial Pathology.

Paper presented at the Loyola University Phenomenology Research Group Workshop, Chicago, U.S.A.


Freedom from the Contingent – Pogge, Poverty and Inequality.

Paper presented at the Graduate Student conference of The Department of Philosophy, Michigan State University, Lansing Michigan, U.S.A.


Revealed Contradictions – The Positive Relationship Between Global Poverty and Global Consumption.

Paper presented at the Seminar on Socialist Renovation, University of Havana, Havana, Cuba.


International Development” and the Challenge of Global Poverty.

Paper presented at the 10th International Conference and 30th Anniversary of the International Development Ethics Association (IDEA): Contributions for a Socially Sustainable Future

Department of Philosophy University of San Jose, Costa Rica.


(Im)moral responses to Economic Deprivation.

Paper presented at the Theories of Justice and Gender Conference Catholic University Yaounde, Cameroon.


International Development, Economic Democracy, and Moral Motivation: What is to be Done About Global Poverty? By whom? Why?

Joint presentation with Professor Timothy Weidel (Oklahoma State) and Professor David Schweickart (Loyola University Chicago): The Ethics of Poverty Alleviation conference Centre for Ethics and Poverty Research, University of Salzburg Salzburg, Austria.


Recognition, Non-Domination and Global Justice.

Paper presented at the research Colloquium of the Hannover Institute of Philosophy

Hannover, Germany.


“(The Ethic of) Care as Globalized Justice.

Paper presented at the Critical Theory Conference Prague, Czech Republic.


Non-Domination as Care – The Case for Globalized Justice.

Paper presented at the research Colloquium of the Hannover Institute of Philosophy

Hannover, Germany.