Ndidi Nwaneri

Social Philosopher Development Consultant

A Social Philosopher, Policy & Development Consultant with more than two decades of social policy work experience, I have occupied roles that have afforded me the privilege to consider development from a variety of perspectives; as a student, teacher, political activist, social critic, and an on the ground program worker.

  • 20+ Conference Presentations
  • 50+ Projects

Ndidi Nwaneri

I study and practice international development and public policy. Both roles are connected and – in my case, mutually enriching.

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What I Do



Economic Development

I devise, articulate and implement social development policies and strategies. I also monitor, evaluate and assess development projects.


Public Policy

I formulate and analyze public and international development policies at all levels of government as well as for international development agencies.


Social & Global Justice

My academic research is broadly focused on questions of how best to address social injustice, whether at the national, trans-national or local level.

Most Recent


I am currently an expert assessor on the EU’s Rule of Law and Anti- Corruption project in Nigeria. I am also setting up a commercial snail production cooperative for rural women in South-Eastern Nigeria. In addition, I am developing a substantial paper on the humanitarian harms that derive from economic sanctions on the Democratic Republic of Congo.